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assivo is a trusted & reliable partner to leading US mortgage companies.

We work behind the scenes and streamline the most tedious parts of the loan origination and underwriting process. We enable our mortgage clients to turbocharge their growth, and scale seamlessly and cost-effectively.

Capture the Benefits of a Global Operation via Outsourcing

Higher Value Work
  • Client’s in-house team focuses on providing the best experience to borrowers
  • Assivo offshore team performs repetitive, time-consuming work
Optimize Labor Cost
(all tasks performed at best labor rate)
  • Client’s in-house team performs more equitable (expensive) work
  • Offshore team acts like an assembly line, performs all low-value work reliably and accurately
24 Hour Operations
  • Loans are always moving. Close loans faster and sell loans faster
Scale Capacity Up & Down On Short Notice
  • Offshore team has a flexible labor model: scale team size up and down with short notice and no friction/costs. Perfectly match labor capacity to loan volume, reducing waste.
  • Gain access to a global labor force which is eminently scalable
Reduce or eliminate overhead, overtime
  • Reduce time and effort to hire, train, and retain lower level employees
  • Eliminate legal, HR, and benefits liabilities and overhead

What problems are addressed?

  • Labor cost

  • Labor Availability

  • Attrition

  • Scaling
    (Including Capex)

  • Overhead + Overtime

  • Worklife Balance

  • Maximize ROI from employees

  • Reduced Costs

 assivo Outcomes

  • 24 Hour Processing

  • Greater Efficiency

  • Trusted Quality

  • Better Business

Labor Stock Optimization

Optimize Your Labor Stack. Reduce Costs & Friction; Increase Efficiency


Onshore Team


Performing Highest
Value Work

Working hours spent accomplishing activities that match the employee’s effective wage rate. Strategic, Critical Thinking, Relationship Management Tasks.


Offshore/ Global Team


Performing Highest
Volume of Work

Working hours spent accomplishing all high volume tasks that can be distilled into checklists, training documents, templates, and other process-driven work.

 assivo Services

Customized End to End Outsourcing Solutions for the
Entire Mortgage Origination Cycle

Application Review

  • Loan registration
  • Loan Setup
  • Initial Disclosures
  • Re-disclosures
  • AUS Submission
  • Client Welcome package

Loan Processing

  • Income Review
  • Credit Review
  • Asset Review
  • Validation of Disclosures
  • All Third Party Orders


  • Income Calculation: All types
  • Asset Verification
  • Insurance Review
  • Title Review
  • Appraisal Review
  • Credit Review (DTI)

Pre Closing & Closing

  • Full Pre Closing Review
  • Closing Disclosure preparation
  • Escrow Review & Setup
  • Closing Document Preparation

Post Closing

  • MERS Registration
  • Full Post Closing File Review
  • Post Closing delivery
  • Purchase Advice Processing


  • HMDA Review
  • Mavent Review
  • Post Consummation CD

Title Processing

  • Abstract Review
  • Closing Protection Letters
  • Tax Certification Review
  • Title Preparation

  • Loan Registration

  • Initial Loan Disclosure

  • Initial AUS Submission

  • Welcome package Email/Mail

Appraisal Orders

Credit Reports

Flood Certificate Orders

Hazard Insurance

Title Orders

AUS Validation and Submission

Income Review and Calculation
  • Salaried
  • Retired
  • Self-Employed
  • Rental

Full Asset Review
  • Large Deposits
  • Cash to Close
  • Reserves

Credit Review and Validation
  • Verification of Liabilities
  • Review of Credit Alerts
  • SSN Validation
  • Address Validation
  • Verification of Credit
  • Inquiries
  • Verification of Undisclosed Liabilities

Third Party Orders
  • Condo Approvals
  • Credit Supplements
  • Verification of Employment
  • Verification of Mortgage / Rent / Deposits
  • MAVENT Review
  • Fraud Review
  • IRS Transcript Orders

Withdraw Review

Income Calculation & Review
  • Salary / W-2
  • Self – Employed
  • Rental

Credit Review
  • Verification of Liabilities
  • Debt to Income Calc
  • Verification of
  • Undisclosed Debt

Asset Verification
  • Large Deposits
  • Cash to Close
  • Reserves

Appraisal Review
  • Preliminary Appraisal Review
  • PUD Review

Fraud Review
  • Full Fraud Review
  • Bankruptcy and Foreclosure Review
  • Verification of SSN

Address Validation
  • Full File Doc Review
  • USPS Review
Title Review
  • Full Title Review
  • Tax Review

Denial Review
  • Loan Review
  • Borrower Notification Letter

Escrow Setup

HMDA Reviews

Mortgage Insurance Reviews


VA Certificate of Eligibility Orders & Reviews

VA Certificate of Eligibility Orders & Reviews

Initial Appraisal Reviews

Trust Reviews

Title Typing

We seamlessly plug into your existing loan origination software, processes, and workflows.

Our teams have experience with all of the most common LOS platforms

 assivo Optimized Loan Origination Process




Loan Officer
  • Borrower submits application to Loan Officer



Opener / Initial Disclosures
  • Enter application into LOS
  • Generate the loan number
  • Generate and send initial disclosures via LOS



Loan Officers / Processor
  • Contact borrowers for signed document
  • Request credit/income/asset documents



Loan Setup
  • Review loan application to make sure all necessary documents are included
  • Review AUS requirement
  • Review income/ credit/ asset/ title/ appraisal documents
  • Review insurance documents
  • Identify if loan is ready for UW
  • Review and/or order third party documents



Loan Officers / Processor
  • Contact borrowers for additional documents still needed, if any



Pipeline Management
  • Continue to monitor for new documents in LOS
  • Continue to advise if any documents are missing/incomplete
  • Submit the loan to UW Setup



Pre-UW Setup
  • Review the Aus (DU/ LP/ GUS)
  • Review the agency requirements (Fannie/ Freddie/ FHA/ VA/ USDA)
  • Review income/ credit/ asset/ title/ appraisal documents
  • Calculate the DTI
  • Perform income calculation (salaried/ self-employed/ rental/ other income)
  • Calculate assets and cash to close
  • Create conditions and update transmittal summary
  • Submit loan to the clients UW department for decision



  • Review the Assivo conditions, calculation and transmittal summary
  • Review and final decision
  • Generate the conditional / full approval letter



Closing Docs
  • Generate initial closing docs
  • Validate the loan estimate and closing disclosure docs
  • Generate closing docs package



Closing Officer
  • Review the closing doc package
  • Send the closing docs to title company
  • Title company closes on the loan



  • Process purchase advice
  • Create investor package and upload to investor website
  • Complete insurance registration with FHA and VA
  • Generate insurance and service transfer letters

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