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Tailored to serve the unique needs of leading financial services companies across lending, insurance, banking, and investing.

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Quality & Accuracy @ Scale

Our proven QA processes deliver high accuracy at scale and are designed to flexibly scale and adapt to your evolving needs

Shockingly Low Prices

We pride ourselves on providing tremendous value to our customers. No one else on the market provides the reliability and accuracy we do at our price points

Flexible Contracts

Flexible contract terms and pricing enable you to get started quickly with us, and to scale up and down as needed. No long-term obligations required

Fully-Managed Teams

Our managed teams are trusted by a diverse base of clients on data processes that range from simple to highly complex

Security & Business Continuity

Our robust security and business continuity plans have ensured that our clients have remained up-and-running with no interruptions in 2020. Diversify up-and-running geographic and vendor footprint with us

Use Any Technology / Software

Our well-trained teams integrate with your existing software and technology stack

Common Use Cases

 assivo enables business lenders to fund more profitable deals by quickly and accurately analyzing borrower financials.

Documents analyzed
  •  Bank statements
  •  Tax documents
  •  Broker applications
  •  Invoices
  •  Photo IDs
  • Analyze borrower bank statements with 99+% accuracy
  • Automate ISO application entry and turn on more channels
  • Fund deals with industry-leading speed
  • Beat fraud with intelligent suspicious behavior detection
  • Generate dozens of cash flow analytics
  • Average balances
  • Estimated revenue
  • Loan stacking
  • NSF transactions

Mortgage lenders use  assivo to automatically analyze a broad set of documents.

Documents analyzed
  •  Bank Statements
  •  Pay Stubs
  •  Tax documents
  •  Mortage forms
  •  Photo IDs
  • Confirm income with automated pay stub analysis
  • Analyze bank transactions with speed and efficiency
  • Easily verify identity and proof of residence
  • Uncover applicants or dealers who submit fraudulent applications
  • Classify documents automatically

Personal lenders use  assivo to confirm applicant identity and income, faster and more efficiently.

Documents analyzed
  •  Bank statements
  •  Pay Stubs
  •  Tax documents
  •  Photo IDs
  • Auto-classify documents
  • Verify income in minutes with automated pay stub analysis
  • Efficiently analyze bank transactions
  • Quickly confirm identity and proof of residence
  • Process fluctuating volumes with consistent speed
  • Disarm fraudsters with automated fraud detection bolstered by human review

 assivo empowers auto-lenders to rapidly and accurately qualify borrowers

Documents analyzed
  •  Bank statements
  •  Pay Stubs
  •  Tax documents
  •  Photo IDs
  • Confirm income with automated pay stub analysis
  • Analyze bank transactions with speed and efficiency
  • Easily verify identity and proof of residence
  • Uncover applicants or dealers who submit fraudulent applications
  • Classify documents automatically

Empowers lenders to conquer every phase of the loan origination process

  • Process apps faster, cheaper, and more efficiently than ever before
  • Review more deals with leaner staff
  • Estimate income with greater certainty
  • Document decisions for regulators and investors


Loan Underwriting

Automate the analysis of loan documents

Lenders trust Assivo for faster, smarter credit decisions

Enhance your underwriting operations with industry-leading accuracy and speed

Supercharge your origination funnel with Assivo
  • Attract more borrowers with the smoothest application flow

    Customer Acquisition

  • Price risk with greater confidence and accuracy


  • Win the race to fund deals with the fastest document processing


  • Document and track portfolio performance



Invoice Processing

Automatically Digitize Invoices

With Assivo as the data extraction engine powering your accounts payable or loan decisioning system, you can accelerate processing, improve visibility and increase control.

 assivo transforms expensive, inaccurate invoice data entry processes into an automated, fully-managed workflow.

Assivo’s fully-managed solution can easily be deployed to a wide variety of technology infrastructure, automatically processing invoices with over 99% accuracy.

Accounts payable challenges

  • Backlog of past due invoices
  • Poor visibility into cash flow
  • Missing out on early pay discounts
  • Strained vendor relationships

Receivables lending challenges

  • Mismatched invoice data with supporting documentation
  • Approval delays waiting for actionable data
  • Borrowers want repeatable invoice submission/approval process
  • Key information is not captured

assivo features

  • Invoice classification and data extraction with 99%+ accuracy
  • Standardized API integration with ERP and LOS platforms
  • Fast, reliable data availability & contextualization
  • Audit trail with extracted data and original invoice


  • Make accounting & underwriting personnel more efficient
  • Deploy technology in days, not months
  • Scale freely without adding human resources
  • Minimize exception handling
  • Reduce risk of supply chain disruption
  • Focus on underwriting decisions rather than document processing


Know Your Customer

The most reliable way to welcome customers to your business

Increase operational efficiency and customer satisfaction

As customers demand faster and simpler user experiences, “know your customer” (KYC) and anti-money laundering (AML) regulations are causing more friction than ever before. Assivo takes the friction out of customer onboarding. Plug Assivo into your KYC process to read mobile uploads with over 99% accuracy. Retrieve digital data and evaluate customer risk in minutes.

Employ Assivo in your onboarding funnel to

  • Broaden and strengthen the foundation of your KYC workflow
  • Capture data from driver licenses, passports, and other IDs
  • Parse any image with 99+% accuracy even low quality cell phone pictures
  • Read and cross-reference utility bills for proof of address
  • Verify each identity with input from human quality control technicians
  • Help manage risk by identifying high-risk customers who need deeper screenings
  • Power digital identity checks with a smooth user-experience

Eliminate KYC Bottlenecks

  • No document templates or training required
  • No manual data entry or document review
  • Universal document coverage

Take customer onboarding to the next level. Simplify onboarding and due diligence for yourself and your users.


Modernize Your Document-Driven Workflows

Assivo builds managed offshore teams to automate back-office tasks with precision

Process documents with best-in-class accuracy and speed

Retrieve data from any image with 99+% accuracy

  • Bank Statements

  • Tax Documents

  • Pay Stubs

  • Mortgage Forms

  • ID’s

  • Invoices

Standardize data across all formats

Automatically transform varying inputs into clean, structured outputs

Benefit from our vast experience and robust processes

Assivo’s managed teams, operating processes, and experienced management team drive best-in-class results


Define Your Needs

Engage with us and let us know your challenges and work requirements

Test Out Our Team

We will provide you with a trial/pilot to test out our team

Go Live

We will staff and fully train an outstanding dedicated team and project manager to meet your needs

Manage & Scale

We will manage your team’s productivity, the quality of work output, and scale appropriately to meet your business needs

Our Advantage

Responsive US-based Customer Support
Responsive US-based Customer Support

You can count us to be there for you when you need us! We are always available during US business hours.

99%+ Accuracy
99%+ Accuracy

Our unique operational and QA processes allow us to achieve industry-leading performance and accuracy at scale for our clients.

Reliability & Professionalism
Reliability & Professionalism

We say what we do and do what we say. We strive for accountability and reliability above all.

Robust Data Security & Privacy Standards
Robust Data Security & Privacy Standards

We maintain compliance with industry-leading data and security standards. We follow best practices in protecting the security and confidentiality of our clients’ data.

Significant Cost Savings
Significant Cost Savings

Our clients save on average 50-60% of their in-house operating costs by outsourcing non-core functions to us.

24 Hour Work Cycle
24 Hour Work Cycle

Our India Operations Centers are open 24x7x365 and our associates work is staggered over three shifts to cover the entire day.

Modern Technology & Software
Modern Technology & Software

We strive to use the most effective, efficient, and modern technology for our client engagements. We are always learning.

Powered by Automation
Powered by Automation

Where possible, we seek to automate portions of our clients’ business processes to further drive efficiency, scalability, and cost savings through technology.

Teams That Adapt To Your Working Style
Teams That Adapt To Your Working Style

All of our client engagements are bespoke and we always seek to adapt to our clients’ work cultures and business environments.

Happy People & Low Turnover
Happy People & Low Turnover

We invest in our people: paying them competitively, training them well, and consistently offering them opportunities for professional growth.

Fully-Managed Teams
Fully-Managed Teams

We handle sick days, recruiting, turnover, re-training, and scaling teams up and down. Train us once and we will take all of the management headaches off your plate.

Flexible & Scalable Contracts
Flexible & Scalable Contracts

Our contracts are flexible, and you can scale your team up or down to meet seasonality and other business needs.


Our US-based headquarters in Chicago keeps normal business hours of 9am-6pm CT, and our Operations Centers in India are 24x7x365 operations that are always staffed and running in support of our clients’ operations.

We can often staff smaller teams (2-8 people) within 1-2 weeks for basic work processes that require minimal training. Medium-size and larger teams can often take a few more weeks to recruit, train, and assemble. More complex processes also often have a training period of between 1-3 weeks built into them, where we work with you to learn your processes and train our team appropriately.

Assivo services are offered on an independent contractor basis, and invoices for services are provided. W-9s can be provided if requested. No W-2 relationship or employee relationship exists between Assivo and our clients. Additionally, Assivo’s management team manages the human resources and other aspects of its staffing model and teams: recruiting, managing turnover, hiring, and re-training so that our clients are freed up to focus on managing their core business objectives.

Assivo prides itself on being a flexible partner to our clients.  We offer a variety of contract types, but the most commonly selected ones are month-to-month, 6 month, and annual contracts.  Longer contract terms do obtain the benefit of discounted rates, but there is no pressure or obligation from us to opt in. We are happy to start off our relationships with complimentary pilots/trials or month-to-month arrangements.

On occasion, we make recommendations on effective technology to use for specific use cases and engagements.  However, most of the time, we integrate with our clients’ entire existing technology stack and do our work within their infrastructure.  We generally prefer to work in cloud-based environments, but we have also done many engagements utilizing on-premise and server-hosted software.

We ask that you start off by having a call with us to explain your needs and requirements.  From there, we can develop a training program together that will generally encompass a set of written documentation as well as a series of training sessions for our staff.  The more complex the process, the more involved training is and the longer it takes.  We use a “train-the-trainer” methodology, so you will train us once, and then your dedicated project manager will be responsible for training your entire team and managing them up the learning curve.

Absolutely.  Most of our relationships start off a brief pilot or trial.  Depending on the complexity and size of the engagement, this can be anywhere between a week to a couple of months.  Generally, we want our clients to be fully satisfied and confident in our abilities and our performance before we sign a contract or collect payment.

We are headquartered in Chicago, and you will be contracting with our US corporation.  We onboard customers from Chicago, learning their requirements and crafting an attractive proposal.  Our Chicago team is also closely involved in the initial training and ramp up period of all new accounts.  Day-to-day performance management of your team is handled by a Project Manager in India once things are up and running, but you are always welcome to schedule calls during business hours with our Chicago team.

We will work with you to develop expectations for productivity and performance during the early days of our relationships.  We can generally set a preliminary baseline during our initial discussions, and a more firm baseline during our first full month of working together.  You will the right and flexibility to select the right key performance indicators (KPIs) for your business and the specific engagement, and we will provide you with daily reports on your team’s performance on the KPIs.

This is one of the most commonly asked questions for us.

The truth is that the India is one of the largest English-speaking countries in the world, ranking as number three behind the United States and the UK.  English is spoken by a large majority of Indians, and is a common language used in official business and government documents.

At Assivo, we ask all of our applicants to go through an English and grammar test. If they can not pass this initial test, then they will not move on to any additional stages.  As a result of this screening, all of our associates have excellent reading, writing, and verbal communication skills.

On average, our clients can expect to save between 40-80% of their fully-loaded operating costs when they outsource an existing US-based function to Assivo.  This is a wide range, and depends primarily on the function that is being outsourced, and the geographic region in the U.S. where the employees are currently located.

Please review our Information & Data Security page at

Assivo has confidentiality / non-disclosure agreements with all of our employees.  Additionally, a number of our clients select to sign Mutual Non-Disclosure Agreements with us, and we protect and respect their confidentiality requirements.

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