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Sourcing & Managing Job Postings / Healthcare Recruitment Firm

Sourcing & Managing Job Postings / Healthcare Recruitment Firm

Sourcing & Managing Job Postings / Healthcare Recruitment Firm

Nadia Swofford
(Business Development)

July 6, 2020   |   5 min read

The Client Company

Our client is a healthcare-focused recruitment firm, focused on the placement of clinical (doctors, nurses) and non-clinical staff.  The firm handles a high volume of candidates and job openings throughout the year.

Client’s Challenges

Recognizing that his recruiters were spending far too much time on perusing job listings (to find open requisitions at hospitals) and researching candidates.  The Managing Partner of our client reached out to Assivo.  In an ideal world, he wanted a real-time view into all of the job openings at the key hospitals that his firm had relationships with, and several candidates that would be a good fit for them.  His recruiters could simply come into work, and know which candidates to call and which job openings to focus on.

assivo's solution

Assivo worked with our client to set up an effective workflow in their system to ensure that their goals were met. We monitored all new job postings daily at over 500 leading hospital systems around the United States, and added them to our client’s system. For each job posting, we understood the requirements listed, and found a number of relevant candidates that fit the bill in the local market. Assivo’s team of 8 full-time associates supported the team of 100+ client facing recruiters, saving them over 3 hours per day that was being wasted on low value research activities.

About Assivo

Assivo provides progressive and technology-enabled business process outsourcing solutions to SMBs, middle market companies, startups, and emerging growth companies across a wide variety of industries. This segment of the market is often underserved by large/legacy outsourcing firms, yet disappointed with the quality of service that they receive from small and mid-size providers.

We utilize modern technology, automation, and talented offshore teams to accelerate our clients’ business objectives in a cost-effective manner without sacrificing quality.

Our primary service offerings are: Data Entry & Processing, Research & Data Collection, Lead Generation & CRM Management, Data Cleansing & Data Enrichment, Data & Content Moderation, and Back Office Processing & Support.

Assivo was founded in 2016 by Karan Vaswani and is headquartered in Chicago, with state-of-the-art operations in India.