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Lead Scoring / Silicon Valley SaaS/Software Company

Lead Scoring / Silicon Valley SaaS/Software Company

Lead Scoring / Silicon Valley SaaS/Software Company

Nadia Swofford
(Business Development)

July 6, 2020   |   6 min read

The Client Company

Our client is a successful Silicon Valley SaaS/Software company with a manufacturing vertical industry focus, serving over 1,000 enterprise customers.

Client’s Challenges

Our client had a CRM with plentiful data on over 50,000 of its target customers (contacts, e-mails, addresses).  Our client also had a very good sense for the types of customers that are most successful on its software platform, and the traits that they share in common.  Rather than randomly unleashing its sales and marketing efforts on all 50,000 of these customers in a manner that lacks process and method, they decided to come up with a lead scoring methodology.  Lead scoring allowed our client to segment this list of 50,000 customers into several tiers and buckets, based on relevant characteristics that they shared (manufacturing operations, manufacturing methodologies, product types, technology stack, distribution, etc.)

Once our client scores 100 of their prospective customers in their CRM, they knew that they had a challenge on their hands.  It took a really long time to get through 100 records, and they wanted this data as soon as possible.  They came to Assivo with the desire to scale their lead scoring process, complete the backlog of 50,000 records, and form an ongoing relationship where all incoming leads would be scored.

assivo's solution

Assivo staffed a team of 15 full-time associates to tackle the backlog over the course of 2 months, researching every single lead in our client’s CRM accurately and effectively, and scoring them based on our clients’ criteria. After the backlog was completed, we continued the relationship with a team of 2 full-time associates who continuously monitor, cleanse, and enrich our clients’ CRM with not only lead scoring data, but also up-to-date contact information and other research. Our client’s sales & marketing efforts became more targeted, more personal, and more effective once they were able to find relevant data on all of their prospective customers.

About Assivo

Assivo provides progressive and technology-enabled business process outsourcing solutions to SMBs, middle market companies, startups, and emerging growth companies across a wide variety of industries. This segment of the market is often underserved by large/legacy outsourcing firms, yet disappointed with the quality of service that they receive from small and mid-size providers.

We utilize modern technology, automation, and talented offshore teams to accelerate our clients’ business objectives in a cost-effective manner without sacrificing quality.

Our primary service offerings are: Data Entry & Processing, Research & Data Collection, Lead Generation & CRM Management, Data Cleansing & Data Enrichment, Data & Content Moderation, and Back Office Processing & Support.

Assivo was founded in 2016 by Karan Vaswani and is headquartered in Chicago, with state-of-the-art operations in India.