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E-Commerce Product Data Entry & Enrichment / Furniture Distributor

E-Commerce Product Data Entry & Enrichment / Furniture Distributor

E-Commerce Product Data Entry & Enrichment / Furniture Distributor

Nadia Swofford
(Business Development)

July 6, 2020   |   5 min read

The Client Company

Our client is an online retailer of mid to high-end home & outdoor furnishings and décor.  They carry and distribute over 500 furniture brands, and consistently make updates to a product catalog that consists of over 750,000 SKUs.

Client’s Challenges

Our client had set up an in-house team of 12 data entry / product catalog specialists that primarily focused on interacting with their furniture brands, receiving relevant updates to product descriptions and data, and updating prices.  Their in-house team was plagued with high turnover, low productivity, high absenteeism, and poor accuracy due to their mundane and repetitive nature of this work.  This broken process was negatively impacting our clients’ relationships with their furniture brands as well as suppressing revenue and sales potential.

assivo's solution

Assivo supplemented our clients’ in-house team with 5 full-time associates in our India Operations Center that worked during the U.S. overnight shift to start off our relationship. Over the course of our first month of working together, it became apparent to our senior client contacts that Assivo’s team was producing more accurate, reliable, and consistent output vs. their in-house team. Assivo’s team of 5 full-time associates updated approximately 10,000 SKUs per month, a level of output similar to our clients’ in-house team of 12 employees. Our client eventually expanded the relationship with Assivo from 5 to 15 full-time associates, and retained 2 of their highest performing in-house employees to oversee and interface with the Assivo team. We reliably and continuously process / update over 30,000 SKUs for our client per month, and they have been able to focus their efforts on building relationships with new furniture brands and manufacturers and expanding their business.

About Assivo

Assivo provides progressive and technology-enabled business process outsourcing solutions to SMBs, middle market companies, startups, and emerging growth companies across a wide variety of industries. This segment of the market is often underserved by large/legacy outsourcing firms, yet disappointed with the quality of service that they receive from small and mid-size providers.

We utilize modern technology, automation, and talented offshore teams to accelerate our clients’ business objectives in a cost-effective manner without sacrificing quality.

Our primary service offerings are: Data Entry & Processing, Research & Data Collection, Lead Generation & CRM Management, Data Cleansing & Data Enrichment, Data & Content Moderation, and Back Office Processing & Support.

Assivo was founded in 2016 by Karan Vaswani and is headquartered in Chicago, with state-of-the-art operations in India.