Cleansing/Updating & Enriching Alumni Database / Top 20 University | Assivo

Cleansing/Updating & Enriching Alumni Database / Top 20 University

Cleansing/Updating & Enriching Alumni Database / Top 20 University

Cleansing/Updating & Enriching Alumni Database / Top 20 University

Nadia Swofford
(Business Development)

July 6, 2020   |   6 min read

The Client Company

Our client is a top 20 private research university in the United States. The university has an illustrious base of alumni and a well-funded and strong alumni relations program.

Client’s Challenges

Our client’s alumni relations team was a highly successful group of individuals.  In recent years, they led a number of standout capital campaigns for the university.  However, they recognized that there were many alumni who were closely involved with the school and their department, and there was a large number of living alumni who were less engaged.  They recognized and realized that their database of living alumni was underappreciated and underutilized, and most fundraising officers relied on tight networks and relationships that they had formed.

Several leaders at the university wanted tighter connectivity with the broader base of alumni, and realized that one part of their problem was an outdated and stale alumni database.  A junior alumni relations officer approached Assivo, with a desire to update their alumni database of over 300,000+ living alumni across the world.

assivo's solution

Assivo worked with several key constituents in the department to scope out a plan to enrich, deduplicate, cleanse, and update the database with up-to-date contact information, employment information, social media profiles, community involvement, and other key data points. Assivo staffed a team of 15 full-time associates who executed on this database enrichment and cleansing project over the second half of 2018. During 2019, the university recognized that the size of its e-mail list, alumni engagement levels, fundraising activity, and several other key indicators had measurably improved. It engaged a team of 5 full-time associates from Assivo on a maintenance contract to review and update the database throughout the year, ensuring that all alumni records were consistently up-to-date throughout the year with the latest information.

About Assivo

Assivo provides progressive and technology-enabled business process outsourcing solutions to SMBs, middle market companies, startups, and emerging growth companies across a wide variety of industries. This segment of the market is often underserved by large/legacy outsourcing firms, yet disappointed with the quality of service that they receive from small and mid-size providers.

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Our primary service offerings are: Data Entry & Processing, Research & Data Collection, Lead Generation & CRM Management, Data Cleansing & Data Enrichment, Data & Content Moderation, and Back Office Processing & Support.

Assivo was founded in 2016 by Karan Vaswani and is headquartered in Chicago, with state-of-the-art operations in India.